Who has the best veggie burger in Portland?

(Update: I ate a lot of  veggie burgers so I could give you updated results. WHOO!)

For all the times I’ve been relegated to eating veggie burgers, I’ve never found one that I really love. Help me out – is there a great veggie burger that I’m missing out on? What’s the best veggie burger in Portland? I need something to eat with my french fries!

Vote for as many as you please if there’s more than one you really like.

Any other thoughts or places I missed in my extensive googling? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Artemis says:

    McMenamins has a really good home made veggie burger patty that I like quite a bit. Also, one that surprised me was the beet burger (yes, beet.) at Portabello. I will have to try some of the others you have listed here! <3

  2. Mercedes says:

    Oh! And my favorite vegetarian burger-type-thing is the Chikn sandwich at Veggie Grill. I know you don’t like fake meat, but this is some seriously delicious stuff. And the make buffalo wings too-above and beyond any others.

  3. Brooke says:

    I know it’s not Portland, but Riverside in Hood River has a great homemade veggie burger made with farro, quinoa, almonds, and shiitake mushrooms.

    • Kelley says:

      This list is definitely getting an update next year. I used to love the Slingshot before I had the kiddo, but it’s been a few years now…

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