Little Big Burger

As promised, I finally made it down to Little Big Burger to try their veggie burger and fries.

When we walked in to their Division location, the first thing I saw was their bustling flat top griddle full of meaty patties. As we waited in line, I watched the cooks flip the meat and scrape the fat off the flat top. There was no way I could eat something cooked on that–a vegetarian can suspend disbelief sometimes, not this vegetarian after seeing the meat up close. I encouraged my husband to get a burger, “no matter what happens.”

When we got to the front of the line, I asked the cashier if the veggie burgers were cooked on the same griddle. Answer: No! They are not! Their veggie burgers are fried, and made with cheese as an ingredient. Fine by me, but vegans beware.

The veggie patty itself was about four inches wide and an inch thick – strange proportions that make for a crispy outside and a creamy middle. I prefer a little more texture to my veggie burgers.

The truffle fries were fresh, and the size and style would one would expect for fast food fries. I didn’t detect a pronounced truffle flavor, especially after dunking them in the spicy Camden’s Catsup.

The meal was about $14 for the two of us: a burger each, a shared order of fries, and a beer. My husband was confused about the “little big” size, between a slider and a normal burger, but we didn’t leave hungry.

Little Big Burger is not particularly vegan or gluten-free friendly, though it seems like the internet is begging for an alternative to their “local brioche buns.” Send them an email or a tweet if you want to add your name to the virtual gluten-free petition.

Vegan options? Fries might be vegan? Patties have cheese.
Gluten-free options? Nope.
Reservations? Nope.
Take out? Yes.
Delivery? No.
Kid-friendly? Yes.
Hours: Depends on location.


Note: Little Big Burger was a locally-owned chain, but it’s now a non-locally-owned chain. If you want to keep your food dollars local, try PDX Sliders or Earth Burgers.



  1. Lester says:

    I ordered a cheeseburger wo meat because I don’t care for their veggie burger, then the workers said that I had to take the patty on the side! I couldn’t believe it. I told them I didn’t need it and grilled them about this policy—pun is intentional—and they tried to tell me they were making some kind of huge exception for me. Now I am trolling them on your blog

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