Friday Favorites: Around the house

A few weeks ago, we went from a two-car family to a one-car family. The older car needed about $2000 worth of work, and if we did pay that, it was still a 20-year-old car with 175k miles on it, so we donated it to the Humane Society. Goodbye, car! At least we got to see some kittens. They were really cute.

Now we have one car, which had been an adjustment, to be sure. At first, I was a little worried about being “stuck” at home with a toddler in the middle of a rainy December with no car.

You know what? It’s been fine.

We get our opportunities to go out, and appreciate them more, because we can’t just go out for bagel date at Sweetpea any day of the week. Plus, we’re saving money on gas and insurance, too. Sweet.

Craft time! Paper bag reindeer | vegetarianPDX

We’ve been doing lots of art.

We’ve been in the spirit this week…

Last Saturday we decided that we needed to get a tree while we still could, even though it was raining outside. Like true Oregonians, we trekked into the wilds of Sauvie Island to hack down our very own specimen. As soon as we got there, the wind picked up. It was raining HARD. But we were there, so out we went on our magical voyage to the closest decent tree we could find. My poor husband had to cut down the tree while I supervised him and made sure the toddler didn’t get into too much trouble “cutting down trees” with a stick that he found. That kid got soaked, but he had a ball.

And I went out TWICE after dark last week. Twice! Socially! To the Mercury holiday party (where enjoyed some Burnside Bourbon and sang a karaoke song that I *gasp* had not prepared) and the Crystal Ballroom, where I hung out in the “VIP” area and watched my husband play bongos…. life leads to strange and interesting places.

A couple of events to keep on the radar…

Bake Sale for Refugees at Pip’s Original from 6-9 on Saturday, 12/19.  This sounds like a wonderful event, with great food for an important cause. I wish I could go, but… no car. So. Buy double treats for me.

Bye & Bye, your favorite vegan bar, will be donating 20% of all sales that same Saturday to help pay for a bone marrow transplant to treat a friend’s Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.  Now that I look, I see that minors are allowed until 8 p.m. Will a toddler ruin the vibe? We’ll see.

On a happier note…

Happy Holidays, ya’ll! Feeling ready for Christmas yet? It’s such a loaded question, I know. I feel like when I have the majority of my shopping done before the 20th, I’m in good shape, so this year is looking pretty good so far.




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