Tasty N Sons

Tasty N Sons┬áhas topped the Best Brunch lists for years. John Gorham’s (of Toro Bravo) brunch joint serves dinner, too, and it’s all incredible. Just try not to order too much, because you’ll want to eat it all. Try ordering one egg dish and one potato dish and one sweet dish, maybe. Actually, just bring lots of friends so you can share. Dishes come out as they’re ready anyway.

For brunch, put your name on the list, then plan to enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood, because this is going to take a while, my friends.

For dinner… well, they’ve changed the menu quite a bit since the last time I had dinner there. You won’t find anything vegetarian in the “bigger” plates, and everything smaller is a carb or a salad. You could do just fine here if your bff wants to go there for her birthday dinner, but it’s not exactly a vegetarian destination at dinner. (Am I wrong? Please do prove me wrong! I love that when it means more tasty food for me.)

I’ve always had good service for vegetarian items at Tasty and Toro, with careful explanations as needed.┬áCheck ahead or ask for vegan and gluten-free options. This is a very meat-and-egg-and-biscuit-heavy brunch menu, but if you’re flexible I’d be surprised if they couldn’t whip up something vegan for ya.


3808 N. Williams



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