vegetarianPDX Best of February 2016

We bought our house in June, so February has meant waiting to see if we have any bulbs. So far, we have… three crocuses, and what appears to be one tulip.

Oh well. We can always hope for lilies. And we have a camellia (?) which is starting to bloom red and variegated.

It's almost spring in Portland | vegetarianPDX

Hope your February hasn’t been too cruel!

On the Blog

This month, we visited Handsome Pizza, ate a hearty salad inspired by Portland Soup Company, and talked about all the vegetarian options for Portland Dining Month… which is starting tomorrow, by the way!

I’ve also been going back and updating old entries, slowly but surely. So far I’m up to Por Que No in the alphabet. Phew.


I made this Taco Torte from Smitten Kitchen for omnivores, and it turned out better than I expected. Isn’t that always the way with Smitten Kitchen? The toddler ate SPINACH and BEANS of his own free will. That’s almost magic.

We also made this red lentil soup with sweet potatoes, which will probably be added to the regular rotation because it’s tasty, easy, and nutritious. We just ate it as a soup with bread, but you can also serve over grains if you like, or all by its lonesome if you’re not into the whole grain thing.


Going to the Coffee Beer and Doughnut Festival? That’s right, no commas: This one celebrates coffee beer. 13 samples of each. If you can make it through all 13, please plan out a ride and time for a nap.

Farm Spirit will start offering more seating times for dinner, starting April 6th. Yes, that means more reservations will be available on a nightly basis. They’re also adding a fancier (reserve) wine pairing. Ooh la la.

A Portland Blind Cafe pop-up will be serving a gluten-free vegan meal in complete darkness, on March 24-26.


What restaurants or recipes did you discover this month?