Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week

It’s back! Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week is an annual event that celebrates all the awesome black-owned markets, restaurants, cafes, wineries, bakeries, pubs, breweries, etc. in Portland and environs. This year, it runs August 26-September 1st, so now’s the time to make your tasty plans.

Here are some of my picks for vegetarian-friendly bites and meals. What’re yours?

Banner for Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week 2019


You know you’re in luck when you go to click on the online menu, and the button assures you that there are vegetarian and vegan options. Akadi introducing a lot of Portlanders to West African flavors, like the Tofu Suya: Marinated tofu in housemade kankankan spice and grilled to perfection. Served with plantains or fries. 

I want to introduce that dish to my mouth.

Abbey Creek Vineyard

Is the wine good? I don’t know! Never let me tell you anything about wine! But perhaps you’d like to spend a couple of hours on a weekend tasting wines and hanging out listening to hip-hop with the owner, the first Black winemaker on record in Oregon? That sounds good.

Abbey Creek makes wine from their own vines, and you can visit the winery/tasting room in downtown North Plains.

Assembly Brewing

Confession: I have never had “Detroit-style” pizza. Obviously, the time has come to correct this deficiency, but it might not happen this week because Assembly Brewing doesn’t allow any kids. 21-and-over, 24/7.

I imagine this is a plus for many of you. Please enjoy in child-free health.


It’s been there, and loved, forever. There’s a vegetarian menu. The owner cracks jokes and steers you toward the right order for your group, while his wife cooks.

Go there. But call for a reservation first if there are more than two of you.

DB Dessert Company

I took my kids here once on a Friday afternoon. It took me forever to park, and the kids started to wonder if they’d ever get this so-called treat I’d been talking about. They waited patiently, ordered a chocolate cupcake to share, and headed back to the van. (Not that far away; this parking problem was acute and pertained solely to me.) I put the cupcake on top of the van while loading in the children.

You see where this is going.

So I’ve never had one of DB Dessert Company’s cupcakes!

They do mostly custom cakes and custom orders, so if you’re wondering what they’re offering at any given time in their storefront, give a call or check social media.

They should always have some cupcakes and over-the-top milkshakes. We’re talking milkshake topped with a full cupcake. If you try one, let us know how it was. My blood sugar can’t handle that kind of a load anymore.


Vegan pisco bar. What else do you need to know?

Oh, like, what kind of food they have?

“South American inspired” empanadas, vegan ceviche, quinoa, lots of fresh vegetables, and some vegan cheeses in the mix. That kind. Food that goes well with a pisco sour, I’d think, but they also have a great selection of mocktails.

This is your spot if you’re looking for gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, or sugar-free goodness, all marked on the menu.

Fuel Cafe

Get your typical Portland brunch fare—vegan scrambles, smoothies, etc.—but get them at one of the only Black-owned businesses remaining on Alberta. There might be a wait on weekends, naturally. Not Tin Shed waits, but hang-out-on-the-curb-looking-at-your-phone-for-15-minutes waits.

Viral Vegan Cafe

Part of the Trap Kitchen family, all vegan. This cart’s menu changes frequently, but plant-based BLTs, burgers, Chicago dogs, chicken and waffles, soul food are in high rotation. Follow them on Instagram to know what’s happening.

Want more options? Here’s the list! Not all will be vegetarian-friendly, of course, but if you find something you love in your neighborhood on the list, or if something’s missing, let us know about it.

If you’ve ever been disappointed that a restaurant you liked or meant to try went out of business, you know that spending money there is the best way to show your support.

What are you most excited to try this week?