Little T Baker

Little T Baker has yet to break my heart.

S0me bakeries get a following and start to skate on their reputation. Which, hey, I get it, skating is fun, but it tends to be a bummer for me when that famed [fill in the blank pastry] comes out dry and stingy with the fillings.

Not our Little T Baker.

Little T Baker rhubarb pastry

They make some of the best bread in town, supplying many restaurants, and their pastries don’t disappoint. Like many bakeries, they tend to run out of popular items on weekends, so go early if you want one of their baguettes — short skinny or long skinny, they’re all good. I like to take home one of their diminutive loaves of  pretzel bread to eat with whole-grain mustard and cheddar cheese.

Simple breakfasts include bread and butter with preserves, croissant sandwiches, and granola with yogurt. Lunch means sandwiches, with a couple of vegetarian options available daily. Ask about daily specials and soups.

Find the original Little T Baker on 26th and Division, and a small outpost for breads and pastries in Providore Fine Foods on Sandy.

You know something you could do? You could to to Providore and grab some fresh pasta and a half a slab of Little T’s olive focaccia. That’s a possibility in this world.

Let’s do it.


Little T Baker snowflake cookie