Clyde Common

It might not be getting the hype it got a few years ago, but there’s no reason why Clyde Common should slip from your list of hip downtown restaurants. It might not be geared toward vegetarians, but notes veg items on the menu. The problem that a lot of restaurants have–no interesting entree for vegetarians–is mitigated a bit here, as you’ll choose a selection of appetizers, small plates, or large plates. Enough of them are creative enough to pique this vegetarian’s interest. As an example…

A sample winter menu offers:

  • Sunchoke beignet, cauliflower puree, Oregon black truffle, $15
  • Beets, chimichurri, citrus, fennel brittle, yogurt, $13
  • Spatzle, mushroom cream, pickled padron peppers, soft egg, $12

Or for brunch:

  • Skillet cake, butternut squash & grape arrop, whipped brown butter, $10
  • Farmer’s market skillet- eggs, shallot, fennel, Brussels sprouts, grana padano, $9
  • Pink peppercorn biscuit, marionberry jam, house ricotta, $6.

The bar manager is super famous now for bartending stuff, so don’t miss out on the cocktail menu if you’re into that kind of thing. Fight the tourists staying at the Ace Hotel for a spot at happy hour for $6 cocktails and fried brussels sprouts.

Vegans and gluten-free vegetarians or vegans should check current menus and call ahead with questions. I’ve been there with a meat-eating gluten-free dairy-free friend, and they were very accommodating to the both of us–but her boyfriend was cooking, so go figure.

They take reservations now!

I’ve had a couple of really good meals at Clyde Common, all pre-baby, but I still have my hopes up for the next time I get to go back.

1014 SW Stark St.