Robo Taco

Let’s start this conversation with complete honesty — I’ve been to Robo Taco maaany times, and I’ve only gotten one thing: the veggie al pastor/faux pork burrito. It’s a soy curl burrito cooked al pastor style, with pineapple. Though there are plenty of other vegetarian options, both in meat substitutes and dishes to put them in, it’s just my go-to standby burrito.

This isn’t traditional Mexican food here. This is casual Portland Mexican fare. You don’t have to be a hipster, but it helps, as a large portion of the clientele drifts in from nearby bars in the evenings and late into the night.

Vegetarian options include:

  • Faux pork – Soy Curls, marinated with Al Pastor marinade, served with fresh pineapple slices
  • Spicy veg sausage – Ground Soy Curls, spiced to taste like chorizo. Finished with  fried potatoes.
  • Mushrooms – Sauteed button and crimini mushrooms with garlic and herbs. Topped with queso fresco and crema. Vegan by request.
  • Chile relleno. Damn, this used to be my go-to burrito in my 20’s. I am no longer in my 20’s.

Not too shabby for selection there. Top your torta, your breakfast (served all day), tacos, nachos, or fill your burritos.

Speaking of breakfast, eggs are cage-free.

It’s a bit rock and roll down there on lower Morrison, with plenty of foot traffic, but it can be hard to find parking to run in for a burrito these days. (Imagine a rant here about New Portland keeping me from my soy curls.)

Robo Taco