I like to eat, but I don’t eat meat.

Simple, right?

This blog is all about enjoying vegetarian food: everything that’s free of meat and meat products. I keep an eye out for places in Portland that go out of their way to offer vegetarian and vegan choices, and check in with restaurants about iffy menu items so you don’t have to.

The writer of vegetarianPDX, Kelley GardinerAbout Me

I’m Kelley, and I’m from here. Okay, I grew up in Beaverton, but close enough. I don’t remember exactly when I became vegetarian, but it’s been about 20 years.

I’m also a writer and editor for hire. Are you a small business owner who hates writing? You can pay me to do it for you. Win-win!¬† kelleygardiner.com.

Vegetarian Portland

Is there a restaurant you’d like to see featured? Have questions about certain places? Get invited out to a hot date, and not sure what you can eat there? Let me know. I’m here to serve. (info at vegetarianpdx dot com, please.)

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You can do that! I’m open to promoted posts, and advertising for products that might interest vegetarians or Portlanders/Portland lovers. Email info at vegetarianpdx.com.

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  1. Guy says:

    Hi Kelley,
    I am a bit of a foodie also as I have enjoyed cooking for quite a while…I am currently remodelling my kitchen and i cant wait to get back into it…just wanted to say hello and I think your website is pretty cool…

  2. Mike Perez says:

    Hey Kelley,

    Mike over at that other blog from PDX….lol I was at a family dinner the other night and a good friend of mine, came out so to speak, as a recently converted vegan. I told him about your site and sent him a link so I hope he drops on by to see all the delicious looking fare you feature on your blog. Though I’m not vegetarian I still think the food you feature looks wonderful.

    Best to you,


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