Vegan Beer and Food Fest

*Hiii. The nice people at Vegan Beer and Food Fest are giving me a pass to the festival this year in exchange for these few words, which are true to my heart and happily given.*

If you ever feel like maybe your life if going too well, and that maybe you need to feel a pang of jealousy for the opportunities that other people get to enjoy… just check out the Vegan Beer & Food Fest Instagram.

Go ahead, check it out! I’ll wait.

DID YOU SEE THAT. Hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese and jalapenos.

And it’s all vegan.

I made the mistake of following this Instagram account last year, when I wasn’t able to go. And this year (YEAAAH) I will be able to go, but it’ll be VERY VERY TOUGH to figure out my game plan when it comes to snacks and treats. When it comes to beer, you get 40 tasting vouchers for beer or wine (60 for VIP), but no food is included in the ticket price. Food is also not available in teensy-tiny portions, and you can only eat so many vegan Big Macs and charcuterie plates.

Okay, let’s calm down and talk details.

Vegan beer and food! It’s this Saturday, June 11th, at Zidell Yards in the South Waterfront. Tickets go for $45 general, $65 VIP. If you’re not drinking, get the “no beer” tickets for $35 general, $45 VIP. No beer means unlimited kombucha, cold brew, and craft soda. Everyone gets access to food vendors from near and far, entry to the vegan marketplace, and live music. Get your tix online. 21 and over only, please.


Are you going to Vegan Beer and Food Festival? What’s your game plan?






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