Bete-Lukas is often called the best Ethiopian in Portland. There’s a ¬†sizable vegetarian section of the menu, in addition to appetizers and salads. Apparently, the injera is the bomb.

If you’re new to Ethiopian dining, no problem. Just let your server know you’re vegetarian and they’ll be glad to help you as much as needed, up to and including ordering for you and instructing you on how to eat your meal. (Hint: You’ll be using your hands quite a bit.)

You’ll have to go upstairs to access the restaurant–use the stairs on the right side of the building. If someone in your party isn’t able to use the stairs, ask staff about the back entrance.

You’ll see a few¬†vegan options noted on the menu along with the vegetarian section, but just ask your friendly server if you’re looking for something different. They’ll help you make gluten-free selections.

2504 SE 50th Ave.

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