Cheese Bar

At Cheese Bar, you can choose your cheeseventure.

Want to take some cheese to take home with you? An experienced cheesemonger will be happy to help you decide, with generous samples. Nothing classes up a trip to Mt. Tabor like selecting the perfect Gruyere on the way home.

Would you care for a nibble with a glass of wine after work? Sit at the bar and wait for your date to meet you. Or chat with the proprietor. Chat with whoever else happens to to feel like chatting.

Fancy a casual dinner? Order a sandwich, or a salad, or a cheese board, or  a mix of whatever feels right at the time. Macaroni and cheese with a kale salad is my idea of a balanced meal.

On Wednesdays, Cheese Bar often has a special theme night — raclette in the colder, rainier months, and pizza in the warmer months. As of this writing, one veggie pie is available each week. Follow their social media for the skinny.

Cheese selections change regularly, and the cheese counter is open as late as the bar. Yep, stop in for cheese until 11pm.

We went here for dinner once while I was pregnant, and the owner made sure the cheese on our cheese board was vegetarian and safe for pregnant ladies. He seems to be happy to bounce around the building, asking if you need extra crostini, handing out samples of beer, and generally making sure everyone’s happy and satisfied.

Feel classy, eat local, and you don’t (necessarily) have to spend one million dollars in order to have a great experience.


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