Dot’s Cafe

I’ll be honest: I haven’t been to Dot’s in many, many years. Maybe since college? While keeping my age shrouded in mystery….jk, I’m 36. So it’s maybe been 15 years. Back in olden times, it was vegan-friendly stalwart dive went under change of management a few years ago, to many people’s woe.

But it seems to have retained much of its menu, including, from what I understand, the spicy tofu sauce and other vegan foods. It’s still on the classy end of the dive bar spectrum, serving a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu with strong drinks. It’s a spot to stop if you’re waiting for a table in the neighborhood, or before a movie at Clinton Street, or just a place to fill up on tater tots (I hope they still do tots) during a pub crawl.

When I went back to update this entry from July 2012, it said, “Their website died, and the Facebook page isn’t very helpful.” Still the case.

2521 SE Clinton St
(503) 235-0203


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