Lauretta Jean’s

When you’re setting out for a slice of pie, it’s sometimes more about the experience than what’s between the crusts. So to speak. Portland has plenty of places where you can get a tasty slice of pie, but sometimes the atmosphere, service, or the marionberry crunch itself sometimes lacking.

Not so at Lauretta Jean’s on Division — a light, clean space that somehow feels homey.

When the line at Pine State down the road is too intimidating, head to “that pie place where Pix used to be” and give yourself a pat on the back for being so biscuit-savvy. Their tall, stalwart biscuits come with a solid crust with a bit of a crunch. These biscuits are no pushovers. They would stand up well to veggie gravy or other sauces, and can be employed in a number of breakfast sandwiches.

Biscuit to go

Tall biscuits from Lauretta Jean’s, toddler approved.

My recommendation? Take a date to Lauretta Jean’s after a walk on Mt. Tabor, and refuel with a slice of mixed berry with streusel topping. You can even grab a beer or cocktail, if you so choose.

There’s also a small outpost downtown, designed for office workers to grab-and-go.

My forays into meals have been more disappointing. A breakfast sandwich arrived heavily dosed with mayonnaise. Admittedly, I’m the opposite of a mayonnaise fan, but who needs the added moisture with a egg and cheese sandwich? Another day, a quiche taken home for lunch didn’t have the goat cheese flavor that was advertised, and was a bit soggy for my tastes. Maybe it’s better to eat in and enjoy.

Lauretta Jean’s, with its focus on where butter meets flour, is not going to be a great choice for vegans or for gluten-free eaters. Sorry, friends! Biscuits and pie crusts here are all-butter, no lard.

What’s your favorite pie at Lauretta Jean’s?

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