Pyro Pizza

Wood-fired pizza from a cart? Oh yeah, you’re in Portland now. Pyro Pizza does it, and it’s delicious thin-crust pizza — at one time, one of my favorites on town. (It could still be one of my favorites, but wood-fired pizza has since popped up around Portland like mushrooms in December. And we got priced out of my apartment in that neighborhood years ago.)

I used to live in the neighborhood, so if my husband was out for the evening and I was feeling flush, I would go get the Onion pizza: shaved raw onion, Rogue Smokey Blue, parmesan cheese, rosemary, and pistachios. After a few minutes at 700 degrees, there’s not much rawness left to the thin onion.

Sub vegan cheese for no charge. Whole 12″ pies only.

Sodas are made in-cart “with natural ingredients and cane sugar.” Why did I not know about this when I was pregnant? Flavors vary, but natural cola, sarsaparilla or root beer, ginger ale, thai coffee, basil lime, and more sounds right up my alley.

No gluten-free pizza crust, but they do have some salads.

If your party doesn’t want pizza, you’re in luck. They can grab something else from Cartopia, and you can decide that a 12-inch thin-crust  Pyro Pizza qualifies as personal size.

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