St. Jack

St. Jack is an adorable French restaurant. They used to have an adorable patisserie attached at their old location, but alas, times change. It broke my little francophile heart, is all.

They normally have vegetarian onion tart with kale. On both of my visits I got the tart, and it was way too salty for me, so be forewarned. And I like salt! It’s okay, chefs of America. I order kale because I like it. I also like hops and bitters. Give me the bitter. It’s been a long time, though, so maybe they’ve come around. (It’s been a couple of years, to be honest. We don’t get out to as many fancy dinners since the kid came around.)

Other than soups, salads, and cheese, that’s about all you’re going to find in the vegetarian realm for dinner. But, who could go wrong with a cocktail and some pomme frites to start off a date night? If you miss the patisserie as much as I do, take heart: They still do madeleines baked to order at dessert.

Vegans and gluten-free eaters will very likely be relegated to the salad section. Check ahead.

1610 NW 23rd Ave.


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