Luc Lac

When you need somewhere not-super-expensive to meet a friend for a bite downtown, Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen is one of those places that’s going to come up — especially if you’re in the south end of downtown near PSU, which can be a little skimpy on the fashionable options.

Luc Lac’s popular happy hour is usually hopping with young people enjoying $3 salads and small plates along with their cocktails. Vegetarians don’t have a ton of choices on the limited happy hour menu, so you might have to branch out to the regular menu banh mi or vermicelli bowls when you need a full meal.

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen by

Luc Lac offers counter service with limited seating, but they won’t hang you out to dry on finding a seat. You’ll just have to wait in line until they can guide you to a place to sit. Big group? It’s going to be a long wait after 5:30 or so, and they only seat full parties. Have a snack first if your friends are flaky.

A gluten-free friend eats here very happily — get the rice-based dishes.

Ever tried the vegan pho?

Luc Lac