Brass Tacks Sandwiches

People love this Brass Tacks, probably because they have tasty options available for every kind of eater. This is a super vegan-friendly sandwich joint. Hold it in your heart when you’re thinking of a quick meal in North Portland.

There’s a list of house sandwiches like “The Velveeta Underground”–ciabatta roll, agave smoked “ham”, smoked cashew cheese, caramelized onion, dijon, aioli, and lettuce, or build your own. There’re house-made condiments, soup and salad. All sandwiches start at $6, but fake meat, cheese, and avocado are all extra, so you’re looking at a $9 sandwich pretty quickly. But who can get mad about that when it’s all tasty stuff made locally or in house?

Brunch sandwiches are available at the original location on N Vancouver: think a tofu scramble with fake meat and cashew cheese on a roll.

They’ve recently expanded their hours through dinner and added beer on tap.

The fake meats are seitan-based, for you gluten-free folks. Gluten-free bread available for an additional two dollars.

The St. John’s location (8408 N Lombard) will be closed through March. Sorry, St. John’s.

3535 N Vancouver Ave.

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