Bunk has some of my favorite sandwiches, and they’re named after one of my favorite TV characters, shown here in one of my favorite gifs.

Bunk and Kima

Keep this one on hand for online discussions.

Bunk’s empire keeps expanding. First, there was the hopping Bunk Sandwiches on SE Morrision (before it was cool), and then Bunk Bar down on Water (when it was starting to get cooler). Now there are locations downtown, on Alberta, and in the Wonder Ballroom. And in Brooklyn. I won’t pretend to know if Brooklyn is getting cooler or not.

Usually you’ll get to pick between a grilled cheese, egg and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, plus one rotating vegetarian choice.

Sample winter sandwiches available at Bunk:

  • Marinated garbanzo beans w/ feta, arugula and Bunk hot peppers, $10

Bunk Bar is a standby for my husband and I. We can’t go there without getting the tater tots–they know how to cook ’em. Just the plain tots, people. Trust. They have rock shows late. Check the schedule if you don’t want to rock out. Same goes for Bunk Bar Wonder; you won’t want to wander in there when there’s a sold-out show about to start.

Vegans should be able to find something ask ask for no cheese. It’s tougher to find something if you’re gluten-free, depending on the side, salads, and soups available that day.
2017 NE Alberta St.
621 SE Morrison St.
211 SW 6th Ave.
1028 SE Water Ave.
128 NE Russell St.


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