Bye and Bye

Bye and Bye is a hip vegan mainstay bar. The Bye and Bye offers vegan bar food: “meatball” subs, tofu bowls, brussels sprouts salad, etc. People just love the Weeping Tiger Sandwich with tofu cutlets, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, jalapeño, Sriracha and miso mayo on Grand Central bread, as well as their signature namesake cocktail, with peach vodka and peach bourbon, lemon, cranberry juice, and soda, famously served in a Mason jar.

Bye and Bye, a vegan bar in Portland, Oregon | vegetarianPDX

Photo by Entouriste via flickr

Minors are allowed until 8pm, so go crazy, vegan toddlers!

If you’re in Southeast, try their sister bar, the Sweet Hereafter.

100% vegan.

1011 NE Alberta St.
They “don’t have a phone.”


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