Hungry Tiger

Care for a vegan corndog? YEAH YOU DO. Head to Hungry Tiger for the famously vegan-friendly happy hour and late night menus, where two corn dogs and fries set you back $7.75.

I thought it used to be called Hungry Tiger Too? Did the other Hungry Tiger go out? It did, didn’t it, and I just forgot? Who can keep track of these things?

Vegan corn dogs at Hungry Tiger in Portland, Oregon | vegetarianPDX

Photo by Jess R. via Yelp

Wheat-free items are noted on the menu. Pretty much everything can be made vegan–just ask. They’ll even make it on vegan-dedicated equipment, so your tots don’t mingle¬†with meaty products in the fryer or flattop.

Weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night menu. Limited menu after 1:30 am, but you probably won’t mind by then.

Check out the patio during the summer, live music, and video games. Bleep bloop!

213 SE 12th Ave.


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