What used to be Jade Teahouse and Patisserie is now just Jade, or, Jade Bistro and Patisserie. That’s a better description of what they do there: straightforward food, plus fantastic pastries from a chef who trained in France after baking wedding cakes for years.

They do have a large selection of their own tea blends, good coffee, and house-made pastries, but they also offer a full menu featuring Vietnamese and Thai flavors. Vegan items are marked on the menu, but make sure that you specify when you order. There are item menus marked vegan that list meat as an ingredient, after all.

I first learned about this Sellwood eatery from a gluten-free and dairy-free friend, who was excited about the prospect of fried spring rolls. It’s a very gluten-free friendly joint, including a gluten-free fryer (whoo!) and pastries like macarons and sweet sesame balls.

7912 SE 13th Ave.

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