Do you yearn for an attainable sort of fanciness in your life? Eat at Nostrana. And for fanciness at food cart prices, squeeze into a spot at the bar for late night happy pizza.

For dinner, your choices are probably salad, pizza, and one pasta choice. When I went there a few years ago, it was just plain pasta with butter and cheese. That was not welcome news. It’s gonna be pizza otherwise (which come with shears, and are the closest I’ve seen to pizzas I’ve had in Italy) (oooh la la aren’t you the fancy one?) (nah, I went with my Girl Scout troop right before I aged out), so if you have your heart set on pasta, check the menu online ahead of time.

Pizza at Nostrana in Portland, Oregon | vegetarianPDX

Photo: Enobytes Wine Online via flickr

It’s Italian, so it’s not especially vegan or gluten-free friendly. The good news is that salads are fairly large. The insalata mista, with lettuces and vegetables, served with olive oil and vinegar, $9, is almost big enough to be overwhelming. There’s not much other than vegetable matter in it, but it’ll tide you over.¬†The famous Nostrana salad with caesar-style dressing contains anchovies, alas, alack.

1401 SE Morrison St.

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